Arkel Construction Tourism Industry and Trade Incorporated Company is founded in 1995, to act as a contractor and investor in construction business. The firm which has completed a number of projects in mainland Turkey, has also taken part in many projects abroad. In addition to Turkey, Arkel Construction is currently active in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Romania with its branches and subsidiaries.

Arkel Construction Ltd. has completed a variety of projects such as hotels, residences, villas, hospital, office buildings, power plants and has improven its construction experience, thanks to being involved in such different areas of construction.

Arkel Construction Ltd. has the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002 and OHSAS 18001.

Arkel Construction Ltd.’s managing partner C. Orkun Pişirici is a gradutate of Ted Ankara College High School and Middle East Technical University Civil Engineering Department.


The firm which has delivered many projects to many international authoritiesrequiring high standarts,has been acting mainly as a contractor abroad, while it has been developing and building real estates in Turkey, Romania and TRNC, using its construction experience at its own projects as well. Arkel Construction has been improving its experience also by following and practicing successful developments in construction technologies.

In construction business, building with quality is a decency that is pre owned in starting business and an improving habit that comes with practical experience. Having this ideal, Arkel Construction has given importance to the cost matters only at the feasibility, planning and budgeting stages of business and focused solely on quality and technical requirements of the projects after beginning to build, regardless the project is realised on contractual or own investment basis.

According to our understanding of quality; the substructure, functionality and structural stability which we consider as the principal of civil engineering, are as important as the architectural aesthetics and decoration quality, and all these factors are pieces of a whole that can not be splitted from each other.